Being a teenager is not easy for most, Christine’s abusive childhood led her to a tumultuous adolescence.

Christine sought acceptance and approval in all the wrong places, she was heavily influenced by peer pressure and did what was needed in order to be accepted. This led to some bad decisions, including promiscuity and heavy alcohol consumption.

The friends Christine found during her adolescence, did not only have a bad influence on her, but none of them was there for her when she needed them the most.

Extracts from No Fourth River:

“I learned the wrong kind of lessons. You know, the ones that keep you trapped inside misery forever. I just didn’t know better.”

“I wanted to do things to them that they liked, so they would like me for it.”

“I modelled my new self so closely on my new friends that I never even considered what I actually liked myself.”

“Now I had the magic potion to take the sting from their words and I could get it at any pub”

“I was desperate and desperately lonely. I had no money, no job, no food, no real friends, no love and no home to live in.”