The beginning

Christine had no money when she started her first business. She started her business empire with a small bank loan.

Extracts from No Fourth River:

“I had no money, no job, no food, no real friends, no love and no home to live in.”

“The room was positively filthy and much smaller than I had hoped once all the stuff had been moved out of it. The windowless room was cold and dark. It stank of old cigarettes and spilt booze, and some of the stickiness would not come off the walls. One single, bare, flickering bulb hung from the ceiling. So this was the place that would be better than home, this tiny, dirty, filthy room. I settled in as best I could.”

Tenacity and hard work

She did not let anything get in her way and started by cold-calling 100’s of potential customers when she set up an Apple dealership, her first business venture. She worked her socks off and her Apple dealership had a multi-million turnover in the first two years. She became a phenomenon in the computer industry – a woman who had outdone all her male competitors.

She set about finding ways to earn her own money where she would be in total control and did not need to answer to anyone. She never wanted to beg for money again like she did when she was married to her first husband who demanded all her money to waste it in pubs and on gambling.

Serial Entrepreneur

Christine is a now a successful serial entrepreneur and has set up 15 different businesses since the start of her entrepreneur’s journey. Her first foray into entrepreneurship, started soon after she decided to take control of her own life after she came out of her coma.

She is a best-selling author, Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Infopreneur and Public Speaker.

She has spent years helping others take control of their own finances and led them down the entrepreneurship path.

Extracts from No Fourth River, after Christine decided to turn her life around:

“The nuns. The girls at boarding school. My father. Harry. Even the teachers at my second boarding school told me I would never make anything of my life.”

“I met the stranger who was inside me all my life but never had the chance to appear. The stranger I knew well became the new me. I found myself.”

“Never again would I take orders from anyone. I made a promise to myself that nobody would ever control me again and tell me what to do when to do it, and how to do it. I would be completely independent and free.”

The hurdles of being a female entrepreneur

Not only did Christine start from scratch but she was at a disadvantage.

In the early 80s, business was very much a man’s world and many of them were not happy about a woman making her own way in their industry nor did they believe a woman could be successful.

Christine recounts: “One man, in particular, tried to take advantage of the fact that I was a woman. He asked for a meeting with me one night when I was alone in my office. I expected a business proposition, but instead, he tried to rape me. Thankfully, I escaped just in time. In business, you meet a lot of people who want success but are not quite prepared to do the work. These same individuals resent it when someone comes along and work for their success. This resentment is a lot worse when you are a woman.

Extract from No Fourth River: “The other passengers on the cruise were all Apple prize winners from all over the world. Richard and I got the feeling that they were not very friendly to us. He felt one of the main reasons for this was because I was the only woman who achieved the target in a male-dominated industry.

While they didn’t actually “do” anything to make me feel uncomfortable, I felt an undercurrent through their conversations that they were just not happy to have me there. After all, I was a threat to them – taking the top seller’s trophy.”