The inspirational and relatable aspects of No Fourth River

One of the prevalent themes in No Fourth River is ‘inspirational’. Christine’s main reason behind sharing her story is to inspire others who have had a bad past in order to give them the courage to turn their own lives around as she did.

No Fourth River is unlike any other book describing an abusive past. It certainly covers a horrible childhood and early adulthood. What really sets this book aside is how the author not only shares her woeful story but how she wants to inspire and empower.

Christine also shares 12 ‘Valuable Messages’ at the end of her book. In these messages, she imparts the wisdom and the lessons she learned through her life.


No Fourth River is gripping, harrowing, uplifting and inspiring. It is a shocking true story of survival, courage, redemption and triumph that will pull at the readers’ heartstrings and engage their emotions. A story that strikes at a visceral level and one that latches onto the brain like a tick.

It is an inspirational tale that shows that you can move beyond your perceived limitations and fears. A story that resonates with readers who are struggling to find the strength not only to survive a shattered life but to thrive in style.

In No Fourth River, Christine lays bare the events and consequences of her past, but the novel also highlights one of her goals: Helping others realise that they have the power to change their lives, despite how bad their life can be. There came a turning point in Christine’s life when she said enough was enough, she deserved better. She worked her way out of poverty and a violent marriage in order to build the life she really wanted. Having lived through shocking abuse and hardship from a very young age, she knows that changing your life is not easy, but it can be done.

‘Tough times don’t have to define you, they can refine you.’ – Quote from No Fourth River

In the era of awakening to how the world has been treating women, in the times of the #metoo campaign that made us aware of things we didn’t see thus far, Christine’s novel is completely aligned with this recent trend in our society.

She encourages others to share their stories of how they have overcome hardship in their lives and shine a light on domestic violence and surviving a bad past with the hashtag #BraveMe. This campaign is to give people a platform to share their own inspiring stories and in turn, give courage to others who suffer in silence. The movement focuses on our resilience and ability to push through bad experiences in order to live the life we want to live.

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What readers think

However, when it comes to inspiration and inspirational stories, what matters the most are the opinions of the readers. Here’s what they are saying:

Review extracts from readers:

I have learned so much for myself from “No Fourth River”! It makes me ask myself – if Christine has overcome so much adversity and has made her life a success in every sense, whatever on Earth can stop me?” Review on by Pure Nature Cures

“What a truly inspiring and empowering read! I read this book in two days I couldn’t put it down. Christine’s story resonated with me on many levels, especially in the way she was able to move beyond her past and become a successful woman despite everything.” Review on by Dina Blanco

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