Possible Interview Questions


No Fourth River

What prompted you to write this book? Closure? To help others?

Have your bad experiences shaped who you are today?

You’ve endured over 20 years of misery and pain. What were the most important factors/incidents that influenced your life?

How was the writing process for you? Was it easy to write about your past?

How have your bad experiences left their mark in your everyday life?

In your novel ‘No Fourth River’ you don’t hold back, you share your experiences, the choices you made, the good and bad ones. Are you worried about what people will think?

What was the reaction you received when people you know read your novel?

What message do you want to send with your story?

What would you like someone who read your book to do?

Who do you want to read this book?/Who is your book for?

You’ve had quite an eventful life. Who are you now?

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

Did you ever have any counselling sessions as a child or an adult to help you work through your past?

Child Abuse

What form of child abuse did you suffer? (Note to interviewer: Christine did NOT suffer any sexual abuse).

Who were the perpetrators?

You mentioned the Walk of Shame in boarding school in your book. Tell me more about that.

You have a chapter called Dr. Kitzel in your book. Tell me a bit more about that.

Did your child abuse years have an influence on your teenage years?

How did it affect you and how did it make you feel then?

How did you deal with it when it happened?

What support did you have?

Does your past experience of abuse still affect you now? How so?

In your opinion, do you think that a person can mentally heal from the scars of their abusive past?

What would you say to a person who has had an abusive past too?

Domestic Abuse

The coma chapter in your book must have been difficult to write. Is this correct?

What was THE turning point your life?

Your novel ‘No Fourth River’ relates your own experience of domestic violence. What would you say to someone who is in the same situation right now?

What are the factors that lead to a violent marriage/ domestic violence?

What was the deciding factor for you to leave him?

Where did you find the strength to leave him?

Who did you turn to for support, during your marriage?

How did your violent marriage influence your later life?

Who did you turn to for support after your marriage?

How do you find people react when they learn about your violent marriage and what you’ve been through?


Did you realise when you shared your story you would become an inspiration to others?

What is your message to any readers who use your book as inspiration?

What is your message to other people who have experienced similar horrible things in their life?

You wrote your book to help others. Tell me more about that.

Have people who read the book told you it’s an inspirational story?

How have you inspired others?

What particular part of your story resonates with your readers?

Following the response from readers of ‘No Fourth River’ you have started the #BraveMe campaign, what is it about?

Adolescence and bad choices

You’ve had a tumultuous adolescence, what is the impact this has had on your life?

What would you tell your teenage self, if you could reach back in time?

What was the worst thing you did/happened during your adolescence? Do you think this could have been avoided?

What would have helped you during your teenage and early adolescent years?

What support do you think teens need?

As someone whose teenage years are the stuff of parents’ nightmares and a mother who has seen her children through their teenage years, what advice would you give other parents?


How does your parenting style differ from that of your parents? and why?

What are your feelings for your mum and dad now?

In your book, you said that you forgave your dad for the things he did. Tell me more about that.

Do your experiences make you a better parent? How?

What would you say to others who have had a similar childhood to yours?

Do you think that parenting in the 1980s and parenting now, in the 21st century has changed? Do parents need to do things differently?

You have spent your parenting years building your business. There are a lot of working parents who face the challenges of juggling work and family, how did you do it?


You had no money when you started your first business. How did you manage to grow the business into a big and successful company?

Did your past experiences help you tackle the business world? How?

Are you still an entrepreneur? What do you do now?

How did you start your entrepreneurial journey?

Is it easy for someone to start their own business?

What are the challenges that one can face?

Where do you recommend someone start when they decide to start their own business?

What makes you successful as an entrepreneur?

Do you think your bad past helped you to succeed in the business world?

Women And Entrepreneurship

What was it like being a young woman entrepreneur in the early 1980s?

What is it like being a woman entrepreneur now?

What are the challenges that women tend to face in entrepreneurship that men don’t?


When did the bedwetting start for you?

What was the trigger?

What were your reaction and that of your parents when you started wetting the bed again after being dry at night?

What remedies did you try in an attempt to stop the bedwetting? Did they work?

You went to a boarding school run by nuns, what was the reaction of the nuns and the other children?

Tell me more about your Walk of Shame in boarding school, when you were only 5 years old.

How did it affect your life long term?

When did the bedwetting stop?

Do you have any advice for children who wet the bed at a late age?

The Power Of A Positive Mind

How did your positive mindset affect you in changing your world around?

How can it help others?

How do you cultivate a positive mindset?

Do you think you can achieve more with a positive mindset? Why?

The Power Of True Love

Do you believe in true love or is it just a fairy-tale?

How did meeting your second husband influence your life?

How did you meet the ‘One’?

How did you know it was true love?

Can you describe some of the relationships you had before you met your soulmate?

There were quite a few barriers to your relationship with your second husband on both sides, tell me a bit more about it.

The Question and Compatibility List

In your novel ‘No Fourth River’, you talk about a list of questions you asked your second husband before you took your relationship to the next level. This is unheard of, why did you do that?

How many questions were on that list?

What was his reaction when you brought out your list?

Can you share a few questions on this list with us?

Did he pass the test?

Did this list help your relationship?

How long have you been married now?

You also made a “compatibility list” before you decided to take things further with your second husband… Explain what that was and why.