The Author

The Author

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Bullet point bio

  • Born in Belgium in 1959.
  • Lived in the UK for over 25 years.
  • Survivor of mental and physical child abuse (non-sexual) as well as domestic abuse in first marriage.
  • She endured over 20 years of cruelty, abuse and bullying.
  • At the age of five, she was “dumped” in a boarding school, run by authoritarian nuns.
  • Suffered from bullying due to two embarrassing and life-changing problems which were a result of her home environment (an ugly scar on her face and bed wetting until late into adulthood).

Christine talks about her boarding school days:

“One defining moment of my life was the walk of shame I had to do every morning, carrying my wet bedsheet through all the dormitories, while one of the nuns would repeat on the loudspeaker: ‘Attention. The girl in bed 49, has wet her bed. Make way for the bed-wetter.’ A scene quite like Cersei’s walk of shame in the TV show Games of Thrones. In later life, I realised that it was a very influential and defining moment for me because I told myself I would never be laughed at, spit at and bullied again like I did during that walk”

  • Left abusive childhood home and was penniless and homeless.
  • Had a tumultuous adolescence rife with promiscuity and alcohol.
  • Was beaten into a coma, eleven months into her first marriage.
  • Discovered sports and became a triathlete, winning several trophies.
  • Through grit and determination, she became a successful businesswoman and serial entrepreneur and she has set up 15 businesses.
  • Married her soul mate, her second husband, an English gentleman who she raised a family with (twin daughters and 4 stepchildren).
  • She wrote 5 business books and 1 novel.
  • Bestselling author, wife, mother, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor and Internet marketer.
  • Her traumatic past has left her with several incurable conditions (short-term memory loss among others).
  • She thinks like there is no box. Individuality matters.
  • She is a hard worker, passionate, ambitious and result driven.
  • When she is not working, she likes travelling, reading, dining, talking business and watching a good movie.
  • Opened up about her harrowing past in her debut novel “No Fourth River”, her own life story.
  • It is her mission to help others discover their strengths and inspire people who had a bad past to show that your past does not dictate your future.


Christine was born in Belgium, in 1959 and has lived in the UK for over 25 years. Her past holds much pain, but it did not stop her from changing her life and building the future she wanted.

Christine had a hard life as a child and a young adult. She suffered abuse at the hands of the nuns, the children in boarding school, her father and her first husband. She had a tumultuous adolescence rife with promiscuity and alcohol.

After she left her abusive childhood home, she was penniless and homeless. Her first husband beat her into a coma 11 months into their marriage.

She endured over 20 years of cruelty, abuse and bullying.

Through grit and determination, Christine became a successful businesswoman, a serial entrepreneur and has set up 15 businesses.

Christine is a Bestselling Author, a wife, a mother, a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and internet marketer. She has written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books.

She wants to empower and inspire the world with her novel “No Fourth River”, based on a true story: her own life. She wants to help others to discover their strengths. She wrote her novel to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future.

“No Fourth River” is about having the strength to choose, the strength to become who you want to be, regardless of your bad past. Christine is living proof of what somebody is capable of achieving when pushed beyond the extreme of extremes.

As a result of publishing her novel, many readers reached out to Christine to share their own story of hardship. Christine started #BraveMe to give people a platform to share their own inspiring stories and in turn, give courage to others who suffer in silence.

Christine is now married to her “rock”, her second husband, an English gentleman with whom she raised a family with – twin daughters and four stepchildren.

Her traumatic past has left her with several incurable conditions (short-term memory loss among others) but she doesn’t dwell on them and enjoys life to the full.

After endless torment, Christine made it her mission to be so busy loving her life that she had no time for hate, regrets, negativity, worry or fear. She has achieved her mission.

She donates monthly to the NSPCC “National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children” because she has experienced how hard it is to grow up as a child without love or affection and how tough it is to continually and consistently being abused and bullied.

Christine explains why she wrote her novel, No Fourth River

I don’t usually share my story with others. However, sometimes when I unintentionally mention things from my past, people are intrigued. They want to know more about my life. I’ve often been told that I should write a book because my struggles would resonate with others and my life story could be an inspiration. I’ve listened; I’ve written my book. I hope you enjoy it!

I truly believe that despite the pain of your past, you have the ability to change your future. You can make it happen if you just believe. It all starts with you.

Sometimes the people that we love can become cages, trapping us in a life that we don’t recognize or accept. Throughout my life, I have developed strength of character—a real determination that has seen me through some dark and abysmal times. This is the purpose of telling my story—I want to help you to discover your strength. I lived on the other side for a very long time. The other side of happiness.

They say that your youngest years are also your longest; you are too new to realize the relentless pace of the world. I was trapped there in my childhood and my youth, absorbing the pain of my circumstances in slow motion.

For too many years, I lived in utter misery because of my cruel dad, that evil boarding school and my slavemaster husband.

It was as if I had my face pressed against the window of a bakery but I was never allowed inside. Sure, I knew what the delights inside looked like but the taste, the smell, and the rapture of them were lost on me. Happiness was something that belonged to other people. They wore it so lightly, so naturally, that it became a source of confusion for me growing up.

I learned the wrong kinds of lessons. You know, the ones that keep you trapped inside misery forever. I just didn’t know any better. My normal was on the other side of living—it was coping. It took faith beyond reason to jar me out of that life but I found a way to cross over to the other side.

After endless torment, I made a promise to myself: No more. It was time to build the life I desired. I made a plan to change my world.

To say that writing this book has been an emotional experience would be an understatement. I had deliberately buried any memory of my youth because it became too painful to recollect. To write this book, I had to uncover my pain and dig up those memories that were long since put to rest.

In fact, I grew so disconnected from my feelings about my past, it was as if every bad memory I had was automatically locked away in order to protect myself from random recollections. Despite my efforts over the years to keep things buried, writing this book has uncovered these recollections and raw emotions, which now feel like fresh memories burnt into place.

Painful experiences can completely disconnect you from your feelings and the person you truly are, and worst of all, neglect your most crucial needs. I was there. I was at rock bottom and deeply ashamed of the choices I had made. I had to try to find a way to reconnect with myself.

I want to share my story to help others who feel as I did—ashamed, alone, sad and hopeless. Join me on this journey through my life’s struggles. As you join me in this personal memoir, a retelling of my crossing, I want you to hold a thought in mind. If life has kept you shut out of its joys and pleasures, I want to charge you with a single idea: if I could find my way through the bakery door, then you most certainly can too.

As you read my story, I hope you find your own inner strength to escape the prisons erected around you in your life.

I hope you will enjoy reading it.

All the best, Christine Clayfield

Christine’s message to the world

1) Your bad past has a secret superpower – the determination to have a better future.

2)Your past does not have to define your future – your future doesn’t need your past, leave your past in the past.

3) The only limits you have are the ones that you accept – Have the courage to change things. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. I am living proof of what somebody can achieve when pushed beyond the extreme of extremes. Example: riding a bike and learning to drive a car seems impossible at first.

4) Your mental scars can fade away and be only a reminder of your struggles – the hurt is not irreparable.

5) Don’t blame your past for who you are today – Use your bad past to become a stronger version of yourself, despite the pain of your past, you can control your future.

6) Don’t be a victim but a survivor – You need to make things happen.

7) Realise the power of a positive mind – believe in your goals and dreams.

8) Want to see how your future looks: create it yourself– Make your list. The power is yours. Take it and own it.

Christine’s favourite business quotes

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” -Napoleon Hill”

“Never, never, never give up” -Winston Churchill

“No Bees No Honey – No Work No Money”

“Focus on Your Focus” -Christine Clayfield

“Excuses are your limitations” -Christine Clayfield

“Put yourself in your customer’s shoes”

“Being off target is never the target’s fault”

Christine Clayfield is the author of

  • – From Newbie To Millionaire
  • – Drop Shipping and eCommerce. What You Need And Where To Get it
  • – Finding Niches Made Easy
  • – Design Free Websites
  • – Work From Home Ideas
  • – No Fourth River

You can find her author page on Amazon: author page on Amazon