The Power Of positive mind

The Power Of Positive Mind

Christine owes a lot of her achievements to having a positive mindset. It started when she woke up from her coma and realised that if she wanted her world to change she had to do it herself. Despite her past full of misery, instead of letting her past dictate her future, Christine decided she had to move forward.

Extract from No Fourth River: “I made the ultimate decision. I realized that nobody was going to come to my rescue, I needed to rescue myself from the bad place I was in. I am my rescue and it will never end unless I end it.”

When she started building the life she wanted, she put together a list of everything she wanted in order to keep her focused on the positive and not the negatives like her abusive past.

Extract from No Fourth River: “I remember a quote I read in a book by Napoleon Hill: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” After reading that quote, I made my list of things I wanted to achieve in my life.”

Having reaped the benefits of having a positive mind, Christine imparts the lessons she learned as ‘Valuable Messages’ at the end of her novel No Fourth River.

Extract from No Fourth River:

“Accept your past without regrets. Tough times don’t have to define you, they can refine you.”

“The only limits you have are the ones that you accept. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

“Don’t ever say something is impossible if you haven’t tried it. The word ‘impossible’ has the word ‘possible’ in it!”