The Power of true love

The Power Of True Love

When Christine talks about her love life, two things come across very clearly:
1. She had kissed a lot of frogs.
2. She has found her soulmate and has spent the last 27yrs raising a family with him.

Her journey was not an easy one but when she found the right person, he made her life complete. He stood by her and supported her. They both made sacrifices for each other to make their relationship work.

Hurdles standing in the way of Christine finding love

Love, however, was never easy for Christine. She comes from a family with no love or affection and had no idea what love really looks or feel like.

Extract from No Fourth River: “My earliest idea of love and marriage came from my parents, and that meant I thought of the whole thing as something of a misery—an enslavement of sorts.”

Christine’s scar made it hard for her to make friends and she was shy when it came to boys. Her first foray in love when she was just a teenager meant she was an easy prey to anyone who showed her some attention.

Extract from No Fourth River: “Receiving such lavish attention when I had been starved of it all my life was exhilarating.”

She met Harry her first husband while she was working in a bar. She had left home and had no contact with her family. Harry had showered Christine with attention and praise but he had an ulterior motive that became apparent only after they got married. When he didn’t get what he wanted he carried on beating Christine until 11 months into their marriage, he beat her into a coma.

After she left her first husband, Christine did not trust men at all. When she started dating again she had a rule in place of “no sex for the first six months, so that ulterior motives were removed from the equation.”

Extract from No Fourth River: “I had zero tolerance for any man who might use me for either sex or money.”

Richard, Christine’s now husband of 27yrs

After several failed relationships Christine did not want to take any chances. When she met her now husband Richard, he was still married to his first wife. They did not start dating until he ended his relationship with his first wife. Extract from No Fourth River: “Sometimes when you lock eyes with people, you know at that very moment they will affect your life. That’s how it was with Richard, the very first time I looked into his eyes.”

Christine was still weary to commit so she did something unheard of, something that got the approval of numerous readers of No Fourth River: she compiled a question list and a compatibility list. Extract from No Fourth River: “For months, I had been developing a compatibility list of what I wanted in a partner. I had to break out my list and make sure that Richard was the one. On that bench, I spent the morning questioning and re-questioning Richard as my perfect partner, and he indulged me.”

Extract from an Amazon review: “I wish you would publish your list of questions for your future mate as it would be a helpful guideline for other engaged folks. To have honest answers to such basic questions would surely be an eye-opener.”